Grajmofon music band – our offer

How much does it costs?

1. Price of performance:

Afters: We dont provide (we can contact you with some good DJs)

There is a possibility to elongate our performance – every additional hour costs 1200 PLN.

2. The length of our performance:

During wedding reception we play till 3am, but not longer than 10.5 hours from the moment of arrival to the wedding hall of newlyweds and their guests (if newlyweds will come before 4:30pm, our performance will automatically end earlier)

From 3am to 4am we provide music from our computer – guests can play their favorite tunes from our PC or their mobile phones.

3. Costs of transportation:

We can come to any place in Poland and all over the Europe.
The wedding hall up to the 59km from the center of Wroclaw:
Transportation price included in the performance price.

The wedding hall above 60km from Wroclaw:
We hire transport company – you have to provide the accommodation and dinner for our driver (The bandmembers themselves don’t need accommodation).
Price: 2 PLN for every kilometer between Wroclaw and your wedding hall, counting there and back, but no less than 350 PLN (for example the wedding hall located 200km from Wroclaw equals to 800 PLN of transportation costs).

4. What do we offer:

The highest quality music during your wedding reception. Grajmofon band consists of 6 people that are connected with the Wroclaw’s music scene – the quality of performance is our priority.

We are leading all wedding reception, from the arrival of newlyweds till the end of the party – we can compere in three languages (Polish, British and German)

We also offer professional sounding and lighting equipment.

5. Date reservation / contract:

If you are interested in our offer we can book the date selected by you for 7 days. During this 3 days we will sign the contract.

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